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Charmed Fantasy

Multiversal Madness Game with Kyle

Multiversal Madness Game with Kyle

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Join Charm, your story-telling dungeon master, in the “Multiversal Madness” campaign with celebrity guest player Kyle!

What is happening?
You lucky players will be adventuring in a extraplanar multidimensional campaign setting like nothing ever seen before starting at 3rd level with TWO CHARACTERS each, instead of merely one (to be explained later). Your wackiest characters welcome!

The aspiring players for this game will need to purchase one of the very limited (only 3) seats.

Each of these seats will give the players access to 3 total action and roleplay packed 3 hour d&d sessions alongside special guest, Kyle. Ticket cost is $225 dollars. These sessions will be held the first 3 Saturdays of June at 5pm (though players should be prepared to arrive 30 min prior to stream time). 

Players MUST have all equipment for live gameplay including their own dice as well as video, audio, mic, and internet, all with no issues. Ticket players without the above will be refunded and the seat will become available for others. Players will also need a rudimentary understanding of D&D 5th edition and character creation in D&D Beyond. Coaching sessions with Charm are available.

The last Saturday of June will be available to renew ticket purchases for players returning players or newcomers, for the next three sessions with Kyle in “Multiversal Madness” which will be held the first 3 Saturdays of July at 5pm PST. 

With popular interest there is always room for tickets to be sold for more sessions to keep the game going further into the mischief and unveiling the secrets of the extraplanar realms.

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